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FLOATECH Progress Meeting in Naples

The last progress meeting of the FLOATECH project just ended yesterday. It took place in Naples on January 23 and 24, 2023 at the Engineering Faculty of University of Naples Federico II where SEAPOWER SCRL have its offices and facilities.

The partners presented their achievements during the last six months of project for each Work Package, and they presented the work that need to be carried out during this third and final year of FLOATECH. Some times was also devoted for technical discussions regarding specific topics.

On January 24, SEAPOWER SCRL offered a visit of its facilities used to develop innovative technologies such as a towing tank or several wind tunnels. This meeting was also the occasion to record several interviews of the industrial partners within the project, that will be broadcasted in the coming weeks!

Taking the opportunity of this visit, a special event have been organised on the 25th of January by the Univesity of Naples Frederico II and SEAPOWER SCRL in cooperation with Danish Ambassy, CNR-INSEAN and OWEMES. Two of the FLOATECH partners, Christian Navid Nayeri from TU Berlin and Magali Mouriès from BW Ideol, are invited speaker to this special workshop entitled "Challenges in developing Floating Offshore Wind Farms in Italy: a unique opportunity for job creation".

Take a look at the pictures of the progress meeting and facilites visit just below.


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