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25 deliverables (public or confidential) will be produced in the course of this 3-year project, available for download below.

High order open-source aero-hydro-servo-elastic simulation tool

D1.1 Technical Report: Hybrid Eulerian-Lagrangian Aerodynamic Model

D1.2 Technical Report: Higher Order Hydroelastic Module

Quantification of uncertainty reduction gained through QBlade-Ocean

D2.1 Database including the full aero-hydro-elastic model definition for OC4 DeepCWind, SOFTWIND and Hexafloat test cases in QBlade-Ocean

D2.2 Validation report of the new integrated aero-hydro-servo-elastic simulation framework QBlade-Ocean

D2.3 Complete post-processed DLC database from the simulations with QBlade-Ocean (loaded on a publicly accessible webserver)
D2.4 Full report on the estimated reduction of uncertainty in comparison to the state-of-the-art codes OpenFast and DeepLines Wind™

Feed forward wave-based control    

 D3.1 An advanced open source wind turbine controller for power generation and load mitigation using real-time feedforward wave information

D3.2 Controller development, findings and validation against numerical simulations

D3.3 Experimental wave tank validation database
D3.4 Experimental offshore validation database

Active wake mixing in floating wind turbine farms 

D4.1 Study on the physics underlying the active wake mixing concept

D4.2 Initial design report: wind turbine teether hinge, compliant turbine floater, and wind turbine controllers (baseline and IPC)

D4.3 Final design report: integrated design optimization
D4.4 Validation report: numerical and experimental

LCOE and market value evaluation of proposed technologies and scale up

D5.1 Report on the LCOE improvement of AWC controlled floating wind farms

D5.2 Report on the LCOE improvement of AWM controlled floating wind farms

D5.3 Report on the LCOE parameterization for AWC and AWM controlled wind turbines

Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation

D6.1 Data Management Plan

D6.2 Plan for exploitation and dissemination of the project results

D6.3 Mid-term report on dissemination and communication activities
D6.4 Final report on the project exploitation initiatives and related impacts on innovation, including dissemination and communication activities

Management of the project 

D7.1 Quality Management Plan

D7.2 Mid-term project report

D7.3 Final project report
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