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The approach of FLOATECH can be broken down simply into three actions:

  • Design and simulation environment optimized for FOW,

  • FOW specific control technologies,

  • Economic analysis

Put in very simple terms, these three actions represent implementation and validation of QBlade-Ocean (WP1 and 2), development of the novel control concepts (WP3 and 4), and a thorough economic analysis of these concepts to quantify the reduction in LCOE due to their uptake in FOW farm design (WP5).


Credits- : BW-Ideol-&-V.Joncheray



Work plan

The FLOATECH project can be broken down into three actions and is built on 7 Work Packages, as described below. 

WP 2

Development of QBlade-Ocean

Quantification of uncertainty reduction gained through


Feed forward wave-based control

Active Wake Mixing for floating wind farm

LCOE and market value evaluation of proposed technologies and scale up

Dissemination, Communication & Exploitation

Project management

Project development phasesand

Work Packages integration

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