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Overview on the floating offshore wind workshop

Following the Progress Meeting hosted by SEAPOWER SCRL and University of Naples Frederico II, a workshop have been organised on the challenges for developing floating offshore wind in Italy.

This special workshop took place in the conference venue of the University of Naples Frederico II on the 25th of January 2023, and aimed at fostering how the development of floating offshore wind industry in Italy could be a unique opportunity for job creation.

After the introduction of the workshop made by Domenico Coiro from SEAPOWER SCRL, the coordinator of the FLOATECH project, Christian Navid Nayeri, introduced the project as well as the next challenges that floating offshore wind turbines have to face in order to take off this new technology. His speech was followed by another project partner of FLOATECH BW Ideol. In total, between 80 and 100 people attended this event.

Take a look at the pictures just below:


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