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Scientific publication from ATI Annual Congress available

The proceedings from the ATI Annual Congress, in which Francesco Papi from the Università degli Studi di Firenze (UNIFI) participated, are now available.

The paper entitled "Derivation of Met-Ocean Conditions for the Simulation of Floating Wind Turbines: a European case study" from F. Papi, Y. Perignon, and A. Bianchini is openly accessible on the Zenodo community of FLOATECH and on the dedicated website page.


Offshore wind turbines are subject not only to varying wind conditions during their lifetime, but also sea conditions. Therefore, in addition to wind speed, other sea-related quantities need to be considered to characterize a specific installation site. International standards suggest that, a t a minimum, significant wave height, peak spectral period and wind/wave misalignment must be considered. In order to have a statistically significant description of the potential installation site, the long-term distributions of the three environmental variables must be determined. In this context, the objectives of the present work are twofold: firstly, to demonstrate the procedure trough which environmental conditions including wind and wave information can be derived using open-source tools. Secondly, an exemplary dataset is provided. The dataset is used both do demonstrate the procedure and provided as a ready-made example for use in future studies. The provided dataset is used in the EU-funded Horizon 2020 project FLOATECH.


Authors: F. Papi (UNIFI), Y. Perignon (ECN), and A. Bianchini (UNIFI)


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