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Deliverable 2.2: Validation report on QBlade-Ocean has been released

This report summarizes the results of the validation of QBlade-Ocean, which is the main part of Task 2.1 of Work Package 2. It have been produced altogether by TU Berlin, UNIFI, ECN and TU Delft.

For the detailed validation and verification of the capabilities of QBlade-Ocean in work package 2 (WP2) of FLOATECH, a detailed definition of the three considered models was recently presented in Deliverable 2.1. This document can be seen as a continuation of that work as the three aero-hydro-elastic models within QBlade-Ocean were thoroughly validated against experimental results and other state-of-the-art aero-servo-hydro-elastic simulation codes with complex load cases.

The present document includes results of a selected set of load cases that demonstrate the capabilities of QBlade-Ocean compared to experimental results and the considered numerical codes.

D2.2 Validation Report of QBlade-Ocean
Download PDF • 13.26MB


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