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Publication of the deliverable 2.1 on Aero-Hydro-Elastic Models

This report goes with deliverable 2.1 presenting the QB aeroelastic models that will be used in Task 2.1 of Work Package 2. It was lead by TU Berlin.

For the detailed validation and verification of the capabilities of QBlade Ocean (QB) in work package 2, a detailed definition of the models is needed. This deliverable presents the three aero-hydro-elastic models that will be used for this validation. These include two models for experimental validation: the upscaled 10 MW SOFTWIND experimental turbine mounted on a spar floater and the upscaled 5 MW OC5 experimental turbine mounted on a semi-submersible floater. The third model – the DTU 10MW Reference Wind Turbine mounted on the Hexafloat floater – is used for numerical validation against the established commercial code DeepLines Wind™.

This document includes the definition of each of the three models and the results of the preliminary tests performed to validate the model behaviour. A link to the database is provided where the full QBlade Ocean model definition will be available.

If you want to know more about the work done in Task 2.1, you can download it just below:

D2.1 Aero-Hydro-Elastic Model - Definition in QBlade Ocean
Download PDF • 2.70MB


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